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Company Overview 

Bugo Law Associates has Experienced Lawyers Team with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in Torts, Criminal Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, and Civil Litigation, Intellectual property, Environment Law, Taxation, Shipping and General Practicing Lawyers.

S e r v i c e s

Our aim is to provide legal services at the highest professional level, capable rendering effective solutions mainly in the following areas:

Corporate Law

Competition law and State aid law

 Business law and Property law

Custom and Taxation 

Banking Law

 Public procurement

Civil Laws

Criminal Law

Family Laws

Tort Law

and General Practice


 Corporate law

Gained experience and professional prerequisites acquired in the Pakistani legal environment enable our law Firm to provide legal services in the following areas:

1.  Implementation of corporate governance principles

2. Restructuring of companies

 3.  Mergers & Acquisitions, transaction documentation included

4.  Legal advisor for Mergers & Acquisitions transactions

5.  Due diligence according to the scope of business

6. Legal support for risk management


 Competition law and state aid law

Competition law has an impact on each business entity. In order to provide complex consultancy this branch is an integral part of our services

1..  Legal advisory in unfair trade

2..  Appraisal of possible impacts of competition law on activities of an entrepreneur

 3..  Legal advisory in the area of infrastructure

4..  Representation before the Antimonopoly office

5..  Appraisal of the negative aspects of the abuse of the dominant position

6..  Legal advisory in state aid law and appraisal of impacts of Pakistan's Law


 Business law and Property law

We render our services to  clients in Pakistan; thereby we support them and secure their due performance of business activities as well as the protection of their rights and rightful interests. In the area of Business law and Property law, we mainly perform the following:

1..  Preparation and analysis of contracts and contractual relationships

2..  Preparation of sample agreements and general business terms, effective setting of contractual relations for the future

1.Protection of assets

2.Legal appraisal of property structure and identification of risky areas

3.Due diligence of contractual relations

4.Legal advisory for creditors during execution of their rights


 Labor law

The area of Labour law is one of the most risky spheres of the management of an entrepreneur. In order to enhance their protection we provide the following

1.Legal advisory during effective setting of HR relations

2.Elaboration of internal rules of a company and preparation of the system of its control

3.Legal advisory in the area of management contracts

4.Preparation and performance of the HR audit of a company

5.Representation in labor law disputes


 Public procurement

 Public procurement is often underestimated. We believe that one condition of successful business activity is knowledge of legal rights and duties. Our services can be used as follows:

1.Legal appraisal of conditions for participation in public procurement and criteria for appraisal

2.Legal advisory during the preparation of a proposal

3.Representation of a participant in an objection procedure


 We perceive the confidence of our clients as one of our most important assets of our firm. We do not neglect insurance in our work; in the case of bigger projects we increase this insurance to a level required by our client.

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Office No. 13, 1st Floor, Namco Center Campbell Street, near City Courts Karachi
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